THUJA helps you navigate the way to a new reality

Impactful approaches and capability-building for leading change in turbulent times

THUJA brings together the inner and outer work of Leading Change in order to make organisational change initiatives more impactful

The pace of change is ever increasing. Big challenges lie ahead. Change is inevitable. Research has shown that traditional approaches towards leading change are becoming less effective. New approaches are needed. Leading from the future as it emerges is becoming critical in order to be successful. 

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Leading from the Emerging Future

THUJA has been working within the Organisational Change domain for many years and has encountered many leaders leading change from what they currently ‘know’. Understandably so. Unfortunately however, many of such change initiatives fail or are not sustainable.

Einstein was right when he said that no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. This means that your ability to expand your consciousness is an important determining factor in the outcome of your change efforts.

The expansion of consciousness is one of the foundational aspects of emergent approaches for leading change. The development of such emergent approaches can therefore be a true catalyst for your organisational change initiatives.

Leading from the emerging future means leading from the (yet) unknown, but it also means leading from a deeper knowing. Either way, an enormous potential can be accessed if you dare to go there.

“What we need in these times are actions that arise out of the roots of our deepest knowing"

~Francis Weller

Aim & objectives

Our aim is to help you navigate your Change Leadership challenges by helping you develop new capabilities enabling you to increase the impact of your change initiatives.

You are leading your organisation towards a new reality. Innovation is high on the agenda. Of course you have taken care of a clear and inspiring change story, strong engagement and reinforcement mechanisms. But you also feel something stirring within. Is this enough? You feel called to go the extra mile, to truly show up and address deeper-lying patterns within the organisation. You also know that the only way to do so is ‘leading by example’. This means looking into your own patterns. And innovating who you are and how you act. It starts with you. Are you ready to discover the inner path of leadership and experience the catalysing effect on your change initiatives?

Our goal is to guide you on this inner path of leadership by helping you, and your team, explore new ways of approaching the challenges you face. We also wish to make you feel supported in going that extra mile and diving deep. Our ultimate goal is to help you increase your meaningful impact by helping you develop a different and more effective way of leading change which balances both the inner and the outer dimensions.

Key principles


We work with the U-process to enable you to access and act from your deeper knowing. The time we live in asks for a new consciousness and a capacity to meet challenges in a more conscious, intentional and strategic way. Theory U offers a valuable framework and toolbox for developing such capacity.


Whatever is being experienced right here, right now can be interpreted as a signal as to what is being experienced in the wider whole. To perceive this requires an open-minded, expansive and inclusive mindset. Tuning into the system and Acknowledging the whole are two key capacities for leading complex change.


There are certain universal principles that can be distilled from the many Wisdom traditions. Some of those principles are now being underpinned by scientists like quantum physicists. Especially the energetic principles and the power of community have a strong relevance for leaders and their organisations.

"The quality of the results produced in any system depends on the quality of awareness from which people in the system operate"

~Otto Scharmer

What are the benefits?

You have dared to follow Einstein. You have chosen to venture into the unknown. The place where you literally ‘do not know’. It was either that or burying your head in the sand, knowing that the old-school efforts were pointless.

And there, in the unknown, you have found new perspectives, new insights and new inspiration. It took a leap of faith but look what it brought you. You have found new ground and wind beneath your wings. You feel such confidence and your team feels the same. Because of the impact you are having together but even more so because of the teamspirit and trust that unites you. The momentum has picked up and the future is taking shape. The journey has begun.
Are you eager to catalyse your change efforts?
Are you curious about the inner path of leadership?
Are you keen to explore new perspectives on leading change?

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